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Piece: Caveat

Updated: Mar 19, 2020


(kăv′ē-ät′, kä′vē-, kā′vē-ăt′)n.1.a. A warning or caution: made a recommendation with many caveats.b. A qualification or explanation.2. Law A formal notice filed by an interested party requesting postponement of a court proceeding or other action untilthe filer can be heard.v. ca·ve·at·ed, ca·ve·at·ing, ca·ve·ats or ca·ve·at·ted or ca·ve·at·tingv.intr. LawTo submit a Law To make a caveat to (a will, for example).2. Informal To qualify with a warning or clarification: The spokesperson caveated the statement with a reminder thatcertain facts were still unknown.

I always have an interesting time creating works.

Sometimes I'm afraid of what the composition should embrace. The process I undergo takes time. Every new element- layer- of the work- has the potential to steal the glory of the work past- in its own ground (surface/painting area). Some of these works, such as this one called 'Caveat'- the rendering of the figure has time into it. I am actually very careful for every speck of dust on a piece. Even those that are a result of coaxed chaos. So when we proceed to add a background- it cannot take away from the work. That's tricky.

Watercolor figure nude on paper
Caveat, 11x15- quality scan image.

The part on the upper right that looks like yellow ochre- is actually 'gold' enamel, made by 'One Shot'. It's high quality enamel- the pigment is bronze powder. Here's an image of the piece in real life- because the gold effect cannot be seen on a scanner..

watercolor and enamel artwork
Real life photograph of 'Caveat'.

Finally.. Here are some close up shots- I think they are lovely. When I look at work I see it close to my nose first- and then from far away. These shots remind me of inspecting a work in person.

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