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About Me

Leo Charre studied fine arts at VCU RIchmond and SMFA Boston. His work is influenced by the Modern Art period- particularly by Expressionism- Schiele and arguably Klimt.

Charre’s artistic philosophy of a finished piece, is that the complete circuit is the artist, the work of art, and the viewer. The artist possibly ending up as the least important element. Therefore a work of art is not just a pretty picture, a technical example, or the ramblings of expression. It is all of these things.

For a tree to fall in the woods and make a noise, it must be heard. For a work of art to be a work of art- it must be seen, touched, possessed- all of these things and none. Everything and nothing.

Charre’s related experiences are in commercial art, the video game industry, and graphic design.


His treatment of oils and acrylic paint entail a mixture of underpainting, knife and brush work- on canvas, wood and paper.

Charre aims to make works relevant to the community and society he lives in.

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